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    At Stucco Contractors Staten Island, simply put our services all revolve around stucco. You could say our stucco contractors are completely obsessed with stucco.

    Stucco is of course a cement-based siding that adds a textured finish and can be used for both interior and exterior walls and surfaces. It is made up of cement, sand, water and lime. Traditional stucco is popular with our customers because it is incredibly durable and affordable.

    Stucco exterior is used to enhance the beauty of and protect your property from all the environmental elements associated with the four seasons: heat, cold snaps, torrential rains, and more. These environmental extremes can often result in rot or damage when you use other exterior materials for your property. But stucco is hands down one of the toughest building materials currently available in today’s market. We are the team to call for stucco services Staten Island.

    Why Stucco Services in Staten Island?

    The strength and longevity of stucco are unmatched by many popular building materials including wood and vinyl. And stucco is much easier to maintain, repair and keep clean.
    Our stucco contractors also work with External Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS) stucco, also known as synthetic stucco, consists of layers with synthetic materials added. When it comes to EIFS stucco or synthetic stucco, the layers are made up of a polystyrene (that’s a fancy term for versatile plastic) foam board, fiberglass mesh and a finishing coat.
    Through hard work and unmatched diligence, we have acquired the knowledge and reputation to handle any and all stucco exterior and interior requests from our customers. We offer a one stop shop for stucco services for your stucco home or business, including design, installation, and repairs. We can apply stucco to the entire exterior or interior of your property or just in sections. We have even applied stucco to such features as: arches, accent moldings, window trims, columns and more.

    But before any work starts, our stucco contractors will meet with you to determine your expectations, needs, timeline, and budget. We want to hear from you. Don’t feel you have to hold back on any ideas for your new stucco. We pride ourselves on open communication and collaboration with every customer. After this initial, free and no obligation consultation, we will then create an action plan complete with an honest estimate.
    Are you perhaps interested in having your stucco painted? We have also mastered the art of painting stucco. Our stucco painters begin with a primer that not only covers any repairs, but also leaves a stunning finish. This step also seals your stucco, preventing unwanted water from getting in and creating a uniform surface ready for painting.

    Utilizing our specialized, patented and waterproof paint, we will provide unmatched protection for your property against all the elements: rain, mold, pollution and other inclement weather. This miraculous paint also preserves your stucco and helps prevent future cracking and crumbling.

    We could honestly keep talking about stucco all day long but if you need stucco services Staten Island, Contact us today. We would love to show you our massive portfolio and come up with a unique stucco design for your home or business property. We dare you to put our stucco skills to the test.