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    First things first, naturally you may be wondering: what is stucco?

    When referring to what exactly is the stucco meaning, it is a siding material that adds a textured finish to walls and surfaces. It consists of cement, sand, lime, and water. Stucco houses are becoming more and more prevalent because stucco systems provide so many incredible benefits to homeowners like you. Stucco is not only attractive and available in a variety of modern stucco house colors, but it’s also extremely durable and protects your home against a variety of environmental elements.

    The toughness factor of stucco is one of its greatest qualities. Did you know that stucco is one of the longest lasting exteriors available on the market today?

    And our stucco contractors at Stucco Contractors Staten Island know stucco from A to Z. Our team is composed of both EIFS contractors (External Insulation and Finishing Systems or synthetic stucco) and traditional stucco contractors. We are licensed, bonded, insured and up to date on all the latest stucco innovations and procedures.

    Stucco is a great choice for homes in a variety of climates because it can withstand weather extremes from scorching heat to freezing temperatures. And when you have a trained and certified stucco contractor from our team install your home’s new stucco, you know it will be installed properly and effectively.

    In addition having stucco installed by our team also has the added benefits of:
    Being completely customizable – You have the choice of a multitude of colors, textures, and finishes when it comes to stucco.
    Adding instant curb appeal – And if you are looking to sell your home, say hello to increased resale value!
    Reducing exterior noise – Stucco helps keep out the nuisance noise of streets, planes, and construction.
    Improving your home’s insulation and energy efficiency – Our customers have reported a decrease in their utility bills after our work was completed.
    Being fire resistant – Stucco is known for its one-hour fire rating which means stucco homeowners have more time to get to safety and firefighters have more time to arrive in a fire emergency.
    Keeping out unwanted pests – No more worrying about pesky bugs and other pests getting into your home.
    Being water resistant – With our installation, we guarantee a water tight seal and protection against mold and mildew.

    Stucco can be used for both your home’s interior and exterior surfaces. And yes there is a difference between the two. Unlike some of our competitors, we know that stucco meant for exterior applications is not the same type of stucco that you should use inside your home. The only limit is truly your imagination and budget of course.

    So if you are looking for something in terms of stucco exterior or maybe you want to utilize stucco for your interior living spaces like your kitchen or living room, our stucco contractors can definitely help you with that. We also have plenty more stucco design ideas to collaborate on with you including: an outdoor grilling station, a stucco wall, or even a stucco fireplace. Talk to us and let’s put stucco to the limit for you.

    At Stucco Contractors Staten Island, we are one of the most experienced, local stucco companies. We have been able to endure and succeed in this business because we are obsessed with ensuring that all of our products and team members not only deliver, but go beyond your expectations. We believe in open communication for the entirety of our projects, providing you with client and vendor references on request, and offering competitive pricing and warranty options.

    We recognize that selecting stucco for your home is both a smart investment and a commitment. We take your trust and loyalty seriously.

    Contact our stucco contractors today for a free, step-by-step and no obligation consultation. We want to share all our stucco knowledge and ideas with you from stucco fireplaces, walls and more.