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    Being in the stucco business for as long as we have, we at Stucco Contractors Staten Island have fielded countless stucco questions from our customers. And we will proudly continue to share our stucco specifics with you.

    When considering installing stucco on your home or business property, we are sure two of your initial questions are: Can you paint stucco exterior? And if so, are there stucco painters near me?

    So the answers are: yes and YES! Having stucco installed on your property is an intelligent, economic and durable choice. But the color of stucco can fade over time. It’s a good thing you’ve found our stucco painters at Stucco Contractors Staten Island, and we’re ready to offer you a rainbow of stucco paint colors and textures.

    Every job we accept is precisely planned and executed. We want you to be able to customize your property and for it to continue to look its finest year after year.

    And did you know that exterior stucco painting comes with a plethora of benefits? By applying stucco paint, you’re looking at:
    Water resistance.
    Protection from environmental elements.
    Adding curb appeal and resale value to your property.
    Hiding imperfections.
    Preventing color fading if located in a warmer climate.
    Sealing the surface of your stucco, increasing its durability even more!

    Our stucco painters have truly mastered the art of painting stucco. Our experts begin with a primer that not only covers any repairs, but also leaves a stunning finish. This step also seals your stucco, preventing unwanted water from getting in and creating a uniform surface ready for painting.

    Now it’s time to get painting. Utilizing our specialized, patented and waterproof paint, we will provide unmatched protection for your property against all the elements: rain, mold, pollution and other inclement weather. This miraculous paint also preserves your stucco and helps prevent future cracking and crumbling.

    Did you know that we offer two kinds of specialized stucco painting?

    Elastomeric paint – This product is basically a rubber paint that goes on to your property’s surface as a liquid, but dries as a solid. This feature leaves you with an extremely tough seal that is 10 times thicker than the regular paint you’d find at the hardware store. This paint packs a massive punch with its ability to expand and contract, allowing it to protect your property through all four seasons. It’s also a fierce competitor against hairline cracks, mold, mildew, dirt and unwanted water.
    Acrylic paint – Along with having the most breathability and being more cost effective, this water-soluble paint is both flexible and weather resistant when it dries. This paint is also known to be strongly adhesive to most materials.

    At Stucco Contractors Staten Island, our stucco painters not only create masterpieces, but we are completely open with all of our customers about painting stucco pros and cons.

    We want you to be able to make the most informed decision about stucco painting, so here are some factors for your consideration:
    Painted stucco must be completely stripped of any previous paint through sandblasting before new primer and paint can be applied. This step is non-negotiable.
    There is a 28-day waiting period for stucco to dry after it has been primed and before any painting can start.
    All stucco painting is at risk for bubbling and peeling.
    We want you to get the most out of your stucco paint job. This means you may need to reassess the paint job every five years. This digilent maintenance will help your stucco looking its brightest and prevent cracks and crumbling from starting.

    Contact our stucco painting artists today for a free, colorful and no obligation consultation. Let’s take your property from drab to fab!