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    When choosing a material for the exterior of your home or business property, the two most popular options for consumers are stucco and siding.

    So which should you choose? Well our stucco contractors at Stucco Contractors Staten Island naturally believe stucco has the edge. But we also believe in complete transparency and open communication with our customers.

    So let’s get into stucco vs siding, shall we?

    To begin with, at Stucco Contractors Staten Island, we offer our customers both traditional stucco and EIFS stucco (External Insulation and Finishing Systems), more commonly known as synthetic stucco for siding options.

    Traditional stucco is a cement-based siding that adds a textured finish and can be used for both interior and exterior walls and surfaces. It is made up of cement, sand, water and lime. Traditional stucco is popular with our customers because it is incredibly durable. And when it is installed by one of our expert traditional stucco contractors, traditional stucco siding is hands down one of the toughest building materials currently available in today’s market.

    EIFS stucco consists of layers with synthetic materials added to it. The layers are made up of a polystyrene (that’s a fancy term for versatile plastic) foam board, fiberglass mesh and a finishing coat.

    Siding is a protective material attached to the exterior of a property. The four most popular kinds of siding are: fiber cement, vinyl, metal and wood.

    Now that we’ve defined both materials, it’s time to dive into one of our most frequently asked questions from our customers: is it cheaper to do stucco or siding?

    The answer rests squarely with your needs and budget. Some forms of siding when installed can range in cost from approximately $9.50-$12.50 per square foot. While sidings costs on average $9.50-$16.50 per square foot, installed. You’ll notice the cost between the two materials is pretty comparable.

    Another question we often get is how long will the stucco siding last? Assuming you choose one of our talented and knowledgeable stucco contractors for installation, stucco siding can last 50-80 years. With proper installation and care, you are looking at only 40-75 years for some, but not all, types of siding.

    To take this debate even further, we want to share the pros and cons of choosing a siding for your stucco. First the pros, a stucco exterior:

    Can cost you less than these other popular options: stone, brick, most wood, and some vinyl and aluminum siding.
    Is all muscle. It protects your property’s surfaces by forming a solid shield around them.
    Is low maintenance.
    Can lessen outside noises including busy streets, planes and construction.
    Has a natural resistance to fire and insects.
    Offers insulation for your property.
    Can be completely customized with a variety of colors, textures and intricate designs.
    Is versatile. It can be applied to the entire exterior or interior of your property or just in sections. We have applied stucco to such features as: arches, accent moldings, window trims, columns and more.

    What are the disadvantages of stucco siding?
    If exterior stucco is damaged, it can require remediation of an entire wall surface.
    It is susceptible to buckling, crackling, water damage and other remediation over time. The level of damage increases by not following our recommended and user friendly maintenance plan and bringing these issues to our attention immediately.

    At Stucco Contractors Staten Island we know that choosing between traditional siding and stucco siding is a big decision. We are honestly here to guide you in making the best choice for your property and budget. Contact us today for a free, comprehensive and no obligation consultation. You’re not alone in making such an important and impactful decision for your investment. We want to help.