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    At Stucco Contractors Staten Island, we are a professional, licensed, insured and bonded stucco company that has been sharing our expertise with Staten Island for several years now.

    Our stucco contractors always strive to offer only the highest quality when it comes to stucco designs and installation. We handle every aspect of the application process and we work within your schedule. So relax, you don’t have to worry about anything. You just get to focus on and enjoy your new stucco.

    Through hard work and unmatched diligence, we have acquired the knowledge and reputation to handle any and all stucco exterior and interior requests from our customers. We can apply stucco to the entire exterior or interior of your property or just in sections. We have also applied stucco to such features as: arches, accent moldings, window trims, columns and more.

    And we don’t consider a job complete until our customers are 100 percent satisfied.

    Our stucco contractors offer our customers both traditional stucco and EIFS stucco (External Insulation and Finishing Systems), more commonly known as synthetic stucco.

    Traditional stucco is a cement-based siding that adds a textured finish. It is made up of cement, sand, water and lime. Traditional stucco is popular with our customers because it is incredibly durable. And when it is installed by one of our expert traditional stucco contractors, traditional stucco siding is hands down one of the toughest building materials currently available in today’s market.

    EIFS stucco consists of layers with synthetic materials added to it. The layers are made up of a polystyrene (that’s a fancy term for versatile plastic) foam board, fiberglass mesh and a finishing coat.

    We have also mastered the art of painting stucco. Our stucco painters begin with a primer that not only covers any repairs, but also leaves a stunning finish. This step also seals your stucco, preventing unwanted water from getting in and creating a uniform surface ready for painting.

    Utilizing our specialized, patented and waterproof paint, we will provide unmatched protection for your property against all the elements: rain, mold, pollution and other inclement weather. This miraculous paint also preserves your stucco and helps prevent future cracking and crumbling.

    We know everything there is to know about stucco systems and we take pride in sharing our knowledge and creativity with our customers. We also adhere to a strict code of ethics including:

    Complete honesty, open communication and collaboration with our customers at all times.
    Competitive pricing and warranty options.
    Having the most experienced and qualified team members at each job we take.
    Communication and dedication to construction timelines and deadlines.
    Utilizing regulated, durable and when possible eco-friendly materials.
    Providing every customer with thorough and user friendly stucco maintenance instructions.
    Site cleanup when the job is complete.

    Contact us today and find out why we are the gold standard when it comes to stucco in Staten Island. We offer a free, thorough, and no obligation consultation. We are anxious to collaborate with you and transform your property.