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    As a property owner, you understand that a quality exterior finish greatly affects your property’s value and also adds curb appeal.

    That’s why stucco is such a popular choice with our customers. At Stucco Contractors Staten Island, one of our most common customer requests is to install a stucco exterior on their home or business property.

    Over the many years we’ve had the pleasure of being in the stucco business, we’ve taken properties from ordinary to extraordinary through the elegance and sophistication of stucco. Our procedures have been rigorously tested to always meet and exceed building code standards. Along with being licensed, insured and bonded we also pride ourselves on being up to date with all the latest technological advancements in our business.

    You’re probably thinking to yourself: Is stucco a good exterior? If so, I want to know why.

    Y-E-S!! Exterior stucco is hands down one of the best siding materials because it can withstand extreme weather. And when you have it installed by one of our expert stucco exterior contractors, your new stucco has the ability to increase your property’s energy efficiency because our installation process includes both a water and air tight seal.

    Stucco is just plain strong. It forms a solid and protective shield around your property. So it is not only durable, but it can prevent damage like cracking, crumbling and other symptoms of exposure to environmental factors. Stucco is also low maintenance when it comes to upkeep and repairs. As a bonus, the strengths of stucco also include resistance to fire and unwanted pests.

    We know everything about stucco. We’ve had the opportunity to utilize it in a multitude of customer requests. We are truly open and excited to hear your ideas.

    Whether you are looking to makeover the stucco exterior of your property or maybe you want to install a classic stucco exterior wall, a modern outdoor grilling setup, or even a timeless outdoor stucco fireplace; our creative team is anxious to show you what we can do. Stucco gives us and you complete freedom when it comes to design. We know you’re just going to love the end result of your new stucco.

    Now that you know some of the pros of having a stucco exterior, you’re naturally thinking about the almighty dollar and wondering: is the stucco exterior expensive to install?

    Believe it or not, stucco actually costs less than popular materials like stone, brick, most wood and some vinyl and aluminum siding! And stucco can last for 50-80 years!

    Stucco is also popular because it is completely customizable. No worry about your property becoming cookie cutter here! There are a multitude of colors and textures for you to choose for your new stucco. And, drum roll please, you can even incorporate other materials too. We’ve completed hundreds of projects featuring both stone and stucco combinations and brick and stucco combinations.

    Just sit back and relax. We can handle every aspect of the stucco and stone application process. We have the knowledge and experience to handle natural and veneer stone applications. Stone and stucco houses and other stone and stucco exteriors are a dynamic duo when it comes to protecting your investment against the four seasons and together they can save you money on your complete installation in comparison to just using stone alone.

    Combining brick and stucco has also provided our customers with significant energy savings. The combination of brick and stucco work together to regulate temperature on your property keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer months.

    Contact our stucco exterior contractors today for a free consultation. We are also more than happy to show you our extensive portfolio. Through stucco we are changing the face of architecture.