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    At Stucco Contractors Staten Island, we offer our customers both traditional stucco and EIFS stucco (External Insulation and Finishing Systems), more commonly known as synthetic stucco.

    If you are considering installing stucco on your property, we’re sure you are wondering how to decide between going with synthetic stucco vs traditional stucco.

    Both types of stucco are significantly different from each other. EIFS or synthetic stucco, consists of layers of synthetic materials. When it comes to synthetic stucco, the layers are made up of a polystyrene (that’s a fancy term for versatile plastic) foam board, fiberglass mesh and a finishing coat.

    But let’s take some time to really focus on traditional stucco. First off, we’re sure you are curious as to what is a traditional hard coat stucco?

    Stucco of course is a cement-based siding that adds a textured finish and can be used for both interior and exterior walls and surfaces. It is made up of cement, sand, water and lime. Traditional stucco is popular with our customers because it is incredibly durable. And when it is installed by one of our expert traditional stucco contractor, traditional stucco siding is hands down one of the toughest building materials currently available in today’s market.

    Stucco is also one of the best siding materials because it can withstand extreme climates from scorching heat to freezing cold temperatures.

    When it comes to traditional stucco homes, our traditional stucco contractors are trained, licensed, insured and bonded to provide you with an expert three-coating installation process. First, the stucco mix is applied over a base mesh. This mesh resembles chicken wire. Second, it is spread with a trowel over the desired areas. Third, is the fun part; it’s time to customize your new stucco with your choice of colors and textures.

    So what exactly are the advantages for choosing traditional stucco siding?

    When it comes to synthetic stucco vs traditional stucco, traditional stucco is more affordable than EIFS stucco and the application process is much simpler.

    Traditional stucco will also cost you less than these other popular options too: stone, brick, most wood, and some vinyl and aluminum siding.

    How long does traditional stucco last? Traditional stucco may last you between 50-80 years! It’s a no brainer investment.

    Traditional stucco is all muscle. It protects your property’s surfaces by forming a solid shield around them.

    Traditional stucco is low maintenance. Hello easy cleanup to keep your new stucco looking its absolute freshest!

    Traditional stucco can lessen outside noises including busy streets, planes and construction.

    Traditional stucco cures quickly and is easy to maintain.

    Traditional stucco has a natural resistance to fire.

    Traditional stucco offers some insulation protection for your property. But it’s important that they are installed by an expert traditional stucco contractor.

    We believe in honesty and complete transparent communication with our customers. We are also eager to answer any and every question you may have whether it’s about the application process itself or how long does traditional stucco last. There’s no such thing as a stupid question with us.

    Our strong ethics are also why we want to provide you with some considerations you need to be aware of when it comes to choosing traditional stucco homes and other properties:

    Traditional stucco weighs about 10 pounds/square foot. It is much heavier than EIFS stucco.
    If traditional stucco is damaged, it can require remediation of an entire wall surface.

    Traditional stucco can buckle in extreme weather and can be prone to more cracking, water and other damages than EIFS stucco over time.

    For all the considerations above, we at Stucco Contractors Staten Island always provide a thorough maintenance plan for our customers upon the completion of traditional stucco installation. Not only are we traditional stucco contractor, with our expertise over the years, we want to share how we can maintain your stucco.

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